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Who are we?

Once upon a time, a few friends had a crazy idea: Creating games that are based on awesome stories with a high emotional component, games that make you bond with the character you are playing.

This idea grew strong enough to make us start a small indie game development studio at the sunny Gran Canaria, in the Canary Islands. We want to create awesome games that tell deep, emotional stories in order to make players feel a part of them. Our philosophy is to create the games we love, without haste or hassles, we simply do what we love the most.

Emotions as a gameplay component.

We want you to experience the same feelings as the character you are playing, for that is the true essence of storytelling.

We have one golden rule: We want to generate emotions on the players. In Qubical, we are commited to create playable experiences, stories that will leave a mark on the player's memory.

The Qubical Team

An amazing group of individuals that has assembled to achieve the impossible

Juan Montenegro

Story Weaver & World Crafter
CEO & Chairman

Echedey Martín

Swiss-Knife Guy

Lorena Robaina

Marketing & Media Sorceress

Alejandro Perdomo

Code Summoner
Project Lead Programmer

Andrés Ravelo

Sound Archmage
Audio Designer

Ángel Cortiñas

Fantasy Sound Alchemist
Audio Designer

Melquiades Galván

Synthwave Technocrafter
Audio Designer

Daniel Orihuela

Photography & Video Magician
Director of Production

Sergio Navarro

Art Crafter
Concept Artist

Our games

Qubical is currently working on Renard, a stealth game based on a distant dystopic future.
We are also working on a few more projects, so stay tuned for updates!

Renard Logo

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